Sport Rim 专家

新山Sport Rim 维修+复新专家 拥有超过30年车床技术!

Digital Diagnostic High Speed Balancing “X光” 扫描你的轮胎和Rim健康指数
数码 Diagnostic“X光” 扫描

Sport Rim 维修案例

绝大部分Sport Rim损坏都可以复新维修 只需把车开过来,就可以给你最好的方案
Car Rim Repair
Serious Crack and Deep Scratches
Rim PCD Damaged
Faded & yellowish
Curb Rashes
High Polish
Recondition Sport Rims
Motorbike Rim Repair

Sport Rim 复新技术

我们在新山是超过30多年的机械工程工厂 拥有自己的轮胎与汽车维修门市

Sport Rim 的专业科技

不管你是18” 19” 20” 21” 22” 都可以维修复新 #超过30年厂家车床科技

【Sun Hup Tyre】 独家服务

拥有特定的团队负责处理前端 Alignment 和 Balancing,以及后端复新Sport Rim的服务。
透过独家技术 ✅Rim Compress ✅High Speed Polish ✅Diamond Cut来维修复新 Sport Rim
连轮胎店也找我们维修 Sport Rim
数码化“X光” 扫描 测试出轮胎和 Sport Rim 的 “所有隐藏问题” 并且模拟轮胎在真实路况的表现


JB Mount Austin 自家的车床技术


Good and fast repairing services 👍🏻
rambo ang
Sent rims for recondition under friend recommendation cos they have their own engineering factory. My rims look like new (surprised me) and no more dented and faded. Service quite good. recommended
Mei Ling Te
Very professional services team with a reasonable price. I sent my car for doing wheel alignment and balancing, with their digital high speed balancing machine it really improve my car handling and stability when driving on highways. Thumb up with their professional advice, definitely will come again....
beryl sim
Hav a great experience Tayar service with @Susan today Superb Pro car service hav a high tech Machine Digital Diagnostic High Speed Balancing the only 1 in Malaysia and share to me a lot m deep knowledge abt how to take care n alert our car especially ur ladies without mindset abt car Strongly recommended 👍
Ang Raymond
I have done high speed balancing at here,feel very comfortable when high speed. Tq Sun Hup team,you are very professional.
Very experienced and professional sales representative. Highly recommended if you are looking for tyre or rims. Superb service!
Professional Tyre service. Reasonable price with professional equipment. quite confident with their service. one of the staff call Wei Long, his knowledge is well enough to answer our concern, very helpful and friendly. HIGH-SPEED ALIGNMENT SERVICE is a must try program. I first try, handling absolutely increase alot. definitely will come again.
weijian lim
Professional service! Supported by technology, not only by feeling and experience. If you wanna have a smooth driving experience, must go!
Joanne Seah
David goh
I went to a lot of places to align my tyre and wheels but after sun hup service then only I can know the difference between professional and unprofessional shop, thanks sun hup for the high quality performance services highly recommend to all
Gordon KJ
Experience the best explanation from Technician, and they have the Digital Diagnostic High Speed Balancing & X-Ray scan for the Tyre and Sport Rim !!! Very Special !! Experience a Very Good Service with their service !! KEEP IT UP!! 👍
ng xiang yoon
Excellent service with friendly staff, explaining me every single item to make my ride safe. Highly recommended.
Hugo Teoh
Very professional advise and services
Lee Qin
Very professional RIM repair shop, not only save the cost , but also improve the car stability. the high speed balancing is a real deal if you really wants to get your tyre in the top consition, the high speed balancing even can simulate on the road condition
3 Mercedes RIM bent, but sunhup can make it back to original shape, and totally recover the condition.
Han Sing Keng
Very professional service
HJ Chan
Very professional service. Complete & state-of-the-art equipment for alignment, wheel balancing and rim repairing!
great service, can repair rims to make it look like new! and also must try the nitrogen gas for the tyre !!
Johnson Lai
I recently changed the car tyres and perform the rim servicing at Sun Hup Tyre Sdn Bhd located at Larkin, Johor Bahru. This is the very first time in my 20 years of driving experience that the wheel alignment and tyre balancing is performed 100% with the digital smart machine, and 0% rely on the mechanic's expertise, experience, mood and guessing game.
They use a hi-tech digital 3D imaging machine, which can X-Ray Scanning to ensure Rim is in good shape to avoid shaky steering and tyre condition to avoid bursting. What amazes me is this machine can give instructions to mechanics to perform tyre swaps to optimal tyre positioning for a safe and smooth drive.
It really gives me a top-notch comfort driving experience, I am extremely satisfied with the services, and I will not hesitate to recommend them to all my friends and contacts.
To all drivers, you really have to experience this once!!
Catherine Ho
Excellent service 👍 That's the comment I giving to Sun Hup Tyre. Knowing that I frequently travel outstation, they help to fill in the nitrogen gas to let my tire pressures remain more constant, saving fuel and reduce my tyre-maintenance costs. Thank you so much for your attentive 👍👍👍
Fun Family
Sun Hup Tyre is very professional in tyre and rim repair, especially by using high technology and machines together with strong service. These are the key factors for Sun Hup Tyre able to be market leader!
Yj Cheong
Excellent Service!!! Full Range of All Service for you car!! Their high speed balancing solved my annoying vibration problem while driving in high speed. Rims ✅ Tayar✅ Alignment balancing✅ Professional ✅ Reasonable price ✅ Fast ✅
Pang Yi Yang
repair rim can wait for a while inside waiting area. can finish on time as the mechanic as promises time. Waiting area and toilet clean . high speed balance very good
They provide the best service for your precious car, they have a jobsheet when you service your car here, even you only come for tyre pump, they will check all the problem from your car from head to toe, check the lamp, signal everything will check even you come for a small job, they also provide repair and recond rim and skimming also slotted your disk with a reasonable price. But please bare in your mind all the services even for a small work they will charge you with a 6% gst of course 😁. Overall is okay
Alvin Mcgarett
Overall price is reasonable and I noticed that more cheaper compare to some performance or continental car workshop in mount austin area. Trusted
Rafiq brutal
The best shop alignment at jb. Seriously recomended
Dahrul Izman Daud
Good place to reconditioned your wheels
Ariff Zai
Details checking. No worries, the foreman will help you solve your car problem
Sun Hup Tyre Sdn. Bhd.
270++ customers recommends
Hilman Rman recommends
Highly recommended because of their professionalism and willingness to share their knowledge. Affordable pricing and doesn’t mark up just because we are foreigners. Great air conditioned waiting room and very clean toilet.👍🏽😍
Hon Kuang Chong recommends
Good service, reasonable price tyre and mechanic give quoted price👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Alfian Rizal recommends
The service is great, the workers are very knowledgable and explains the process clearly. Would recommend
Daniall Hidayat recommends
All good, workers are friendly n professional. Service good, thnks! 👍🏽😄
Htw Vincent recommends
Thanks Ms Rachel for the super responsive messenger reply ! Their service staffs are very experience with good workmanship. Fully recommend this in JB 👍🏻
Eric Pua recommends
第二次来这边修复RIM, service 很好很专业还很快, 第二天就好了 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Lee Chee Yoong recommends
Good service from all the staff. Super cool air con inside the waiting room as well




利用车床技术量身定制 Wheel Spacer

同时Sun Hup Tyre 利用独家的车床技术安装汽车需求量身定制Wheel Spacer,
让车主拥有一套紧贴合适的Sport Rim。

Sport Rim 有问题?

30年Sport Rim 经验帮你维修

Sport Rim 只撞歪一点真的需要维修吗?

当sport rim撞歪变形,汽车需要更大的输出推动轮胎滚动从而导致提高油耗量。
当sport rim变形,轮辋和轮胎可能会出现细缝导致持续性漏气及其他安全问题。
当sport rim撞歪变形,很大可能也会导致轮胎漏气达不到标准气压,汽车“弹压动作”幅度的提高就直接影响爆胎风险。
Sport Rim变形和轮胎气压不足也可能会导致胎面无法均匀的接触路面;长时间轮胎花纹将会造成“吃边”耗损。
限量版的Sport Rim撞坏?

让我们帮你维修复新, 花小钱就可以复新Sport Rim像新的一样!

更换一套新的 同样19”的 Rim
4 x RM7,000 (19” Rim) = RM28,000
维修及复新 同样19”的 Rim
不到 20% 的价格就可以复新了!

马来西亚公路对 Sport Rim 车主最大的困扰!

了解少为人知的Sport Rim解决方案
在马来西亚开车最大的困扰:“Sport Rim” 被撞歪
这会导致tayar alignment容易跑位,尤其是防爆轮胎。
99% JB 的修车厂都会叫你立即更换新的,一换就是几千一万
有的可能会建议你维修,但是需要等至少一个礼拜的时间。 因为他们会把你的 Rim 送给大厂维修,比如Sun Hup Tyre。

不如 “直接” 把你的 Sport Rim 交给我们帮你维修和复新?

我们在新山是超过30多年的机械工程工厂 拥有自己的轮胎与汽车维修门市
自家钻石刨光技术 (Diamond Cut)
自家高速打蜡磨亮技术 (High Polishing)
我们的 tayar rim 维修和更换技术是从我们自家独立车床工厂扩展和开发的。
因此,我们拥有最好和高精准的工艺来复新你的 tayar rim,复新得像新的一样。
下次碰到“撞洞”情况,你大可放心, 因为花小钱就可以维修复新了!
提供你 “备用Sport Rim” 不怕没有车用
【放心将你的rim 送来维修/复新】

传统轮胎Balancing 方法

你的tayar已经不平衡了 放着不理?Tayar花纹很快就没花了!

推荐 数码高速轮胎诊断 & 3D Imaging数码轮胎调整

【数码化帮你调整轮胎,无需人工猜测判断,给你最精准的 Tayar 体验】
传统 Tyre Balancing 的技术
High Speed Balancing美国仪器
传统 Tyre Balancing 的技术
70% 靠感觉
30% 仪器判断
  • 手动操作
  • 低精准
  • 无法模拟轮胎状况
  • 无法速码充气
数码诊断及High Speed Balancing美国仪器
0% 感觉
100% 仪器判断
  • 数码科技运作
  • X-Ray 诊断确保rim的状况
  • X-Ray 诊断确保轮胎健康状况
  • 测量轮胎花纹平衡度
  • 测量轮胎硬度
  • 轮胎调换指示
  • Laser指出不平衡的点
  • 数码充气
所以我们也升级到最新的 Digital Diagnostic Balancer,随时可以切换成你车款的模拟测试,给你最精准的轮胎平衡。
4x4 越野车

就像 “X光”机 测试和平衡你的轮胎状况

【3D 扫描技术,找出一切隐藏问题】
60秒 X-Ray 扫描你的轮胎实况
高速 Balancing 全面测试,找出一切轮胎问题。
因为传统式的轮胎 balancing 方法是全靠foreman的个人经验,效果也不会一致。

567KGSmart Roller 模拟轮胎在真实路况的表现

Sun Hup Tyre 和普通 tayar店最大区别
常见的 balancing机器是没有配备 Road Force Rollers 的。
少了它,tayar balancing 过程就无法模拟轮胎在“真实路况”的平衡度。
车主只能单靠驾驶在高速公路才可以知道汽车是否 “真正” 平衡。
通过高速 Balancing 机器,机械师可以立即进行“真实路况模拟”测试,以确保所有轮胎都处于最佳状态,才交还给车主。
最大误区,以为做了Balancing Alignment, 汽车就肯定没有问题... 直到汽车开高速...
你的轮胎 Sport Rim 专家!


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